Peter Spoerri is a qualified independent teacher of Vedic Meditation based in Los Angeles, offering private instruction and courses from LA to DC, and everywhere in between. Peter is a skilled expert, and trained in the Himalayas in Northern India under the guidance of Thom Knoles (Maharishi Vyasananda Saraswati), the world’s leading authority on Vedic Meditation. 

Peter learned to meditate in 2010, in the midst of building a successful television production company. His heavy travel schedule & increasing job responsibilities left him stressed out, prone to insomnia, & with a short temper. He discovered Vedic Meditation during a business trip to London & found the practice very simple to do & fit into his busy lifestyle. The benefits of the practice have had a transformative effect on his personal & professional life. 

Peter is a passionate teacher and loves to show others how to discover the very best version of themselves.