Thoughts Are Cool

Today I had thoughts in my meditation. I'll go further: it felt like I was thinking the whole time. Thoughts-thoughts-thoughts: thinking about the weekend, thinking about my to-do list, thinking about a conversation I had at work. Ay Caramba- why can't I stop thinking?? Am I even meditating when thoughts have taken over my brain? 

Meditation is not solely about going deep & feeling the quiet calm within; that is but one of two options available. The other is a thought-filled meditation. Conventional wisdom stipulates that thoughts are the enemy in meditation. So when we have thoughts, we tend to beat ourselves up about it: scold ourselves for being a bad meditator. When we do that, we're missing the point. 

In this form of meditation, thoughts are a sign we're doing it right: it's a reminder that stress is exiting our physiology. Thoughts bubble up AFTER a stress has been released, so there's no reason whatsoever to get upset or frustrated if we find ourselves in a thinking frenzy. Turn that frown upside down: something good is happening. 

Our body is using our 2x20 practice for whatever best suits its needs. If our body wants deep rest, we might have a deep meditation. If our body wants to release stress, we might find ourselves thinking. Both options are highly beneficial to us. 

We don't judge what happens when we close our eyes. We pick up our mantra effortlessly as a faint idea. The mere intention to think the mantra is enough to start the process. Sometimes it may feel like we're daydreaming or spacing out. Don't worry about it. Let go & enjoy the ride.

There is no such thing as a bad meditation; only a wrong interpretation of our experience. So sit down, close your eyes, pick up your mantra, & take it as it comes. It's all good.