The Path of Nature

There was a time in yonder past when everything we knew about our surroundings came from what we saw in front of us. Native Americans & early settlers would spot tracks in the earth, long grasses pressed down in patterns, or branches of trees broken or cracked. From these signs, they would determine what was in their immediate vicinity, whether that thing was friend or foe (or dinner), & establish an appropriate response. These tracks, displayed in plain view, were the signs they used to move through life. To ignore them was a recipe for disaster.

Fast-forward to present day. Signs are everywhere still, but we don't notice them. We're too busy with our 'doo-dads' to pay attention: phones, email, the web, satellite radio, & 500 channels on TV. All of this, in addition to everything else going on in our lives. These distractions take us out of the present moment. We can't see the clues that Nature leaves for us every minute of the day because we're not here. We have 80,000 thoughts a day, & 90% of them are reviewing the past & pondering the future. We are rarely present to see the tracks before our eyes. 

There's no need to waste time speculating about what's to come; all of the signs are right in front of us at this moment. And we have an excellent tool to reveal them: our meditation practice. When we close our eyes, we're giving ourselves a break from everything. We may spend our entire meditation thinking about all of our distractions, but when we open our eyes twenty minutes later, we're grounded in the present moment. Our mind is clear & ready to do business. 

The present is the future in the making: everything we need is right here, right now. Nature is laying out tracks for us to follow, & our practice provides us clarity to recognize the right course, & embrace Nature’s intent. The present is the path of least resistance, of frictionless flow; it's where we want to be. It feels like a gift- and it is.