Surviving Travel Stress

It's spring break for a lot of us at the moment: we're either recovering from a trip we took last week or are enjoying our last few days of vacation before returning to normal life. While it feels great to get away, travel often leaves us fatigued & stressed out. When we embark on a journey, we're entering a world of changed expectations in the form of traffic, weather, mechanical delays, overbooked flights, cramped seating arrangements, & lost luggage, not to mention often crossing multiple time zones. It is all very hard on our body. And whether our travel takes us to the next state, to the other side of the country, or across oceans to points beyond, the result is some form of jet lag: feeling not ourselves in one way or another.

Fortunately, our meditation practice is brilliant at helping us adjust & hit the ground running. When we meditate, our body is experiencing a very deep level of rest, much deeper than normal sleep. This deep rest allows our body an opportunity to release the stress, fatigue, & irritability that even uneventful travel can induce. And so we take advantage of the time we have in our seat to get to our practice. 

When we're in transit, we can meditate as often & for as long as we want. We can luxuriate in the bliss of meditation & soak up all of the benefits it brings us. We may feel like catching up on our sleep; consider closing the eyes & meditating instead. 

Travel doesn't have to be hard. Recognize there may be demanding moments. Be easy, meditate, & take it as it comes. You'll emerge from the journey happier, healthier, well-rested, & ready to take on whatever challenges come your way.