Surrender. Such a loaded word. We hear it & often go to a negative place: white flags, submission, defeat. It's no wonder we have a difficult time doing it. But in meditation, surrender is what it's all about: we're letting go of our need to control our experience. 

We typically spend most of our day thinking, judging, scrutinizing every decision, every move that we or others around us make. True: some of us are more control-freaky than others. But that need to control the outcome is imperative in all of us. 

Then we learn to meditate, using an intention-based technique that requires zero effort. And we discover that 'surrender' has another meaning altogether, one with a far more positive spin.

In Vedic Meditation, we're letting go of our need to control, our need to focus on anything. Ours is an effortless practice: we don't need to do anything. For those 20 minutes, we surrender & hand off the reins: Nature is in charge of our experience. 

We might feel unsatisfied with what we think is going on.  Be easy. There's no need to intellectualize what's happening when we close our eyes. We may have thoughts, or not; we may feel a deep calm, or we might be very restless. Something good is happening regardless of what we think about it. Let go & take it as it comes.

Meditation is a gift we give to ourselves twice a day. All we have to do is surrender. That's it. Surrender for peace of mind; for clarity; for better health; for our best life. Let go of control & focus & doing for all that life has to offer. 

Do less; accomplish more. 
Do least; accomplish everything.

Surrender to Nature. Surrender to the experience. Give yourself a break. The world will still be there when you open your eyes, & when you do, it will be clearer than ever before.