Enjoying the Ride

Most of us spend our days wanting something: objects we want to possess, goals we want to attain, changes we want to realize in our life. We often have a timetable for those desires to be fulfilled, and it's typically NOW: right away, or even yesterday.

When our desires go unmet within our timeframe, we blame the Universe. Oh, evil Universe that ignores my wishes & doesn't give me what I want... Why is the Universe out to get me?

Be assured: the Universe has our best interest at heart. The Universe may be on a different schedule than we are, but that doesn't mean change is not going to happen at all. 

Think of a log floating on a river. The river curves & crooks & cranes its way along, providing the log with numerous obstacles to negotiate. Sometimes, it gets hung up on a tree that's fallen into the river, or on a large rock protruding out of the water, or it hits a low-water section of the riverbed. The log inches forward- if it moves at all. But eventually, the river's current adjusts, the wind blows, or the rains come, and the log gets pushed forward once again. 

Change is a process, and the best thing we can do is be patient. It may sometimes feel like we're stuck or we've hit a bump on the path to our goal. Don't fret: everything is pushing you towards positive growth & evolutionary, progressive change. Let the river take you where it takes you & enjoy the ride.