Adapting to Change

This is Marty Moose (adorned in his holiday finest last winter). Marty has been a beloved fixture in our family’s house since rescuing him from a local antique store. Unfortunately, last weekend there was a catastrophic fire that consumed the house, along with Marty & generations of family artifacts, heirlooms, letters, & photos. Total & complete destruction in the space of about an hour.

Like Marty, the house (affectionately known as 'The Moose's House' by visitors of all ages) was a member of our family. We loved it, & it reciprocated that love whenever we walked in the door; like a long warm embrace. Its reduction to charred rubble is akin to losing an adored close relative. 

It’s moments like this, when we experience a massive, unforeseen change in expectation, we treasure our meditation practice. In these moments, the surplus of adaptation energy we’ve stored up during our twice daily practice comes to the rescue. Our adaptation energy helps us manage these difficult, otherwise devastating situations. We're able to keep our head on straight & be responsive instead of reactive, to pull back & appreciate the bigger picture: my parents were unscathed, & everything lost will be reborn through shared experiences with friends & loved ones for years to come.

We want to stay regular with our practice, not just for the stress release it gives us on a daily basis, but for the incredible support it provides when our world turns upside down. Our capacity to spontaneously adapt is our rainy day fund. And like a savings account, we never know when we’ll need to make a withdrawal. We attend to it, regularly & consistently, so we’re ready to roll with the punches when life commands us to do so.

We make our practice non-negotiable, for this reason, & so much more. Get to the chair twice a day. Schedule it. Make it a priority & feel Nature’s support. It will always be there when you need it.